Catalyst HittingAid

Catalyst HittingAid

An Objective Understanding of the Baseball Swing

Hitting a Baseball is Hard

Trying to Teach a Proper Swing is Even Harder

Where do you start as a coach?

  • Who should you listen to? There are so many "authorities" out there giving advice that contradict one another -  it's hard to know who is right. 
  • What are more important, mechanics or approach? 
  • What are the basic building blocks of a good swing? What should I be changing and what should I leave alone?

The Knowledge You Need

HittingAid is not just a collection of drills to try with your team and hope they work

An Objective Approach

Are the best players in the world doing what you're teaching?

HittingAid gives you the evidence you need

We will show you what the actual major league elements are. We will give you the necessary information to correctly understand the true keys to hitting. 

We will show you what the best players in the world do, not what some coach says they do. Everything we show you, we will prove to you. Everything we show you will stand up to scrutiny.

HittingAid allows you to prove it!

Stop Wasting Time

Be confident that you're working on things that actually transfer to games

You have a limited amount of time to practice, therefore that time needs to be spent working on the most important things. 

We will show you what the important things are, prove why they are so important, and then show you how to change deeply ingrained muscle memory to allow you to actually implement major league elements, or more importantly, to allow you to actually get your training to TRANSFER into the game.

A step-by-step process

Easy to reference, easy to implement, easy to get results with.

Mobile Friendly

On the field, at home, or in the office

HittingAid is responsive across all of your devices. Making it really convenient when working in the cage.



  • Hitting Introduction
  • The Paradox of Coaching Hitting
  • Defining Correct Hitting Mechanics
  • Creating a Stance
  • Launch Position and how to get there
  • Angles at Launch Position FREE PREVIEW
  • Expanded Launch Position Explanations
  • Youth Launch Position Break Downs
  • Swing Plane, Part 1: Create a plane
  • Swing Plane, Part 2: Swining on plane
  • Swing Plane, Part 3: Proper Contact
  • The Importance of Bat Speed
  • Part Practice
  • Having a Swing Thought
  • Different Coaching Styles
  • HItting Dictionary
  • Verbal Cues (Printable)

Swing Breakdowns

  • Breakdown #1 - Angles at Launch
  • Breakdown #2 - Launch to Connection
  • Breakdown #3 - Connection to Finish (Swing Plane)
  • Breakdown #4 - Full Swing Breakdown

Common Hitting Flaws

  • Common Hitting Flaws


Kevin Kouzmanoff

Former MLB Infielder

"This is the exact program that I went through that got me into the big leagues. The guys at Catalyst make it simple and helped me focus on working on mechanics that actually matter. The earlier you can start teaching your kids the elements provided in HittingAid the better."


John (J.T.) Putt  

J.T. grew up in Evergreen and attended Mullen High School where he was All-State baseball player. He then played at Central Arizona College. He then signed at UNLV where he played for a year before transferring to play closer to home at Regis University. At Regis he was team captain while also receiving NCBWA All-American, and Academic All-American honors. He graduated Summa Cum Laude and after college, J.T. played professionally in the United States, Australia, and Europe.

 Corey Slinkard

Corey grew up in Evergreen and became a 4-year varsity player at Mullen High School, where he received three all-conference awards and eventually went on to play baseball at the collegiate level in Arizona. He was integral in developing the signature hitting philosophy subscribed to by Catalyst Sports today, the same philosophy that helped Kevin Kouzmanoff reach the Major Leagues.

Scott Payne

Scott grew up in Cheyenne, WY where he led his high school team to 4 consecutive state championships while collecting all-state honors twice and captaining both the football and baseball teams. He then went to Mesa Community College in Arizona where he set the single-season record for fielding percentage by a second baseman and was also an Academic All-American. He then signed with Regis University and finished out his playing career. Scott then coached in Cheyenne for Post 6 and was an assistant for 3 state championship teams.

Since starting the summer program at Catalyst Scott has accumulated an 85-32 record as a head coach. With Payne at the helm, an impressive 20 seniors in three years have moved on to play in college. 

Rob Herrmann 

A 4-year starter at Fredonia State University in NY, Rob was a 4-time All-Conference selection and a 2-time ABCA All-New York Region pick.

After graduating, Rob spent five years playing pro baseball in the US, Australia, and Europe. He was a 2-time all-star in the U.S. and a 3-time all-star in Europe.

As a coach, Rob headed up multiple international high school squads including the 18u Australian Capitol Territory National Team, & the 18u French National Team.

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