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An all-encompassing reference guide for youth baseball coaches - powered by Catalyst Sports

From "Teller" to Teacher

CoachingAid gives youth coaches a "WHY"

The most important thing you can give your players...

  • CoachingAid addresses the most important element of coaching that no one talks about, being able to explain why. 
  • Knowing the reasons why you're teaching your kids to hit a certain way or pitch a certain way is imperative to your success as a coach as well as the success of your players. 
  • There are 1000s of coaches that “tell”  their players how to do something, but there are very few that take the time to explain to players WHY they’re teaching them to do something.

Kids desire to know the WHY.  Just hang out with a 4-year-old for an hour and have to answer "why" questions the entire time.  I have found that once you can give players the WHY, the light turns on for them, they totally buy in, and they can now begin to concentrate on getting better through reps. When you have that player that continually does a movement incorrectly and, no matter what you do to try to fix it, they never change, it's mostly because you can't give them a better reason for doing it correctly.  That's the WHY. CoachingAid gives coaches the tools to actually teach not just tell.   

- Chace Tavelli (Current CoachingAid Member)

Do you want to give kids the best opportunity to move on to the next level after you’ve coached them? Give them a “why”.

Here's How it Works

An example of how to use CoachingAid

Let's say you're teaching your team how to take a lead from 3rd base...

Simply go to the baserunning section > Taking a Secondary Lead > 3rd Base. 

After you've watched the video that walks you through the exact steps of how to do it, you're able to communicate it in a simple way to your players that gives them the all-important "WHY".  

For example:

You want to make sure your players do 2 things when they're taking their secondary from 3rd base and you have reasons behind each of those 2 things that make sense. 

1. You want your players to time out the landing of their shuffle of the secondary lead to hit as the ball is entering the hitting zone. (why? - because landing as the ball enters the hitting zone creates momentum towards the plate that is the difference b/t out and safe on a past ball or a sharp ground ball to an infielder that’s playing in tight to the plate - we call this a "roll" ).  

Then you show them this example of how to do it correctly using CoachingAid  on your phone or ipad:

2. Once your players land and there is no hit or passed ball, you want their eyes to snap directly back to the third baseman (why? - because as a runner at 3rd, the catcher could potentially pump fake you or try to step around the hitter to almost hide before back picking, but if you were to instead just look at the 3rd baseman and you see that he’s not crashing towards 3rd base, then you know you don’t have to rush back or on the other hand if he is crashing, then you know you have to get back quickly). 

Then you show them this example of how to do it correctly using CoachingAid  on your phone or ipad:

This is a small example of how CoachingAid can make your life easier. 

Just wait until you get to the really fun stuff like Hitting, Pitching, Catching,  & Fielding (see curriculum below"

Making it simple and giving your players a "WHY" is a huge advantage for you and your players. 


All the information you need in one place

As a member you'll have access to...

HD Step-by-Step Videos Example & Comparison Pictures Interactive Comparison GIFS Chapters of Research
50+ 130+ 120+ 75+

No more scouring the internet for hours to find the perfect drill or proper mechanic. No more paging through outdated books of information that contradicts itself from one chapter to the next. 

CoachingAid is a convenient solution that has all the information you need in one easy to use course. 


Need a brush up?

It's tough to remember all of the little nuances of each position in baseball.

CoachingAid makes it easy to find an answer to your question quickly.

See the curriculum below. 


The information you wish your coaches had when you were playing

This isn't a baseball book at all's an interactive course that you can use for research before going to the field and planning practices, as well as, when you're on the field and actually instructing players.

We've put together a common flaw gallery where a coach can identify a weakness, show his players what they're doing wrong and have the corrected version of a high level player doing that same move correctly on the same screen.  


The common flaw gallery

Easy to reference, easy to implement, easy to get results with.

Mobile Friendly

On the field, at home, or in the office

CoachingAid is responsive across all of your devices.


Start Here


  • Welcome to the Program


  • Hitting Introduction
  • The Paradox of Coaching Hitting
  • Defining Correct Hitting Mechanics
  • Creating a Stance FREE PREVIEW
  • Launch Position and how to get there
  • Angles at Launch Position FREE PREVIEW
  • Expanded Launch Position Explanations
  • Youth Launch Position Break Downs
  • Swing Plane, Part 1: Create a plane
  • Swing Plane, Part 2: Swinging on Plane
  • Swing Plane, Part 3: Proper Contact
  • The Importance of Bat Speed
  • Part Practice
  • Having a Swing Thought
  • Different Coaching Styles
  • HItting Dictionary
  • Verbal Cues (Printable)


  • Pitching Introduction
  • Understanding Pitching Mechanics
  • The Background
  • Things You Should Know Before Coaching Pitchers
  • The Difference Between Approach & Mechanics
  • Part Practice
  • Kneeline - Use This Approach to Win Games
  • Proper Leg Lift
  • Staying Back
  • Staying Closed
  • Separation of The Hands
  • Syncing the Top and Bottom Half


  • Catching Introduction
  • The 3 Stances of Catching FREE PREVIEW
  • The Basic Principles of Receiving
  • Basic Blocking Technique
  • Catcher's Throwing Footwork
  • Catcher's: The Ultimate Energy Givers
  • Calling a Game
  • Catcher's Communication
  • Other Important Things to Keep in Mind
  • Verbal Cues


  • Introduction to Infield Play
  • Why You Should be Teaching a Pre-Pitch FREE PREVIEW
  • Left Foot Timing
  • Sneaking Up On The Ball
  • Two Simple Drills That Produce Results
  • Moving Laterally as an Infielder
  • Double Plays - The Flip from SS
  • Double Plays - The Feed from SS
  • Double Plays - The Turn from SS
  • Double Plays - The Flip From 2B
  • Double Plays - The Feed from 2B
  • Double Plays - The Turn from 2B
  • Basic First Base Footwork
  • Verbal Cues for Infielders
  • How to dive properly


  • Introduction to Outfield Play
  • Catching the Ball Properly in the Outfield
  • The Outfield Pre-Pitch
  • Correct Upper Body Catch Mechanics
  • Lay Down Catch Point Drill
  • Catch Point Knee Drill
  • The Drop Step FREE PREVIEW
  • Drop Step High Five Drill
  • The Broomstick Drill
  • The Jump Pivot, Good or Bad?
  • Importance of Taking Steep/Deep Angles
  • Angle Drills
  • Over the Head Drill
  • Bonus Outfield Pointers

Base Running

  • Introduction to Base Running
  • Why Base Running is So Important
  • Taking a Primary Lead (ALL 3 BASES)
  • Taking a Secondary Lead (Video Walk-Throughs)
  • Diving Back to a Base
  • Stealing Second Base
  • Rounding the Bases
  • Tagging Up
  • Knowing where the outfielders are at

Common Flaw Galleries

  • Common Hitting Flaws
  • Common Pitching Flaws
  • Common Catching Flaws
  • Common Infield Flaws
  • Common Base Running Flaws

Situational Stuff

  • Hit and Run
  • Move 'Em
  • Score 'Em
  • Sacrifice Bunt
  • The Safety Squeeze
  • The Daylight Pick Play
  • The Timing Pick at 2nd
  • The "Back" Bunt Defense
  • The Passed Ball / Wild Pitch – Play at the Plate
  • 2 - Strike Hitting

2 Hour Efficient Practice Plan

  • 2 Hour Efficient Practice Plan

Chad Woods

16u Coach (SD)

To the parents of these Catalyst players, you are blessed to have such great coaches. These guys are doing all the right things to teach your kids how to play the game of baseball! I am from South Dakota and coach a 16U travel team and had the great pleasure watching your team play and then getting to meet your coaches in person. I wanted to thank them for what they have done to help me to help my SD Bulls Baseball team. I did a lot of research to find the right coaching program to teach my boys the fundamentals of every aspect of the game. Catalyst CoachingAid gave me a lot more confidence when teaching and talking to the players. Good luck to the Cardinals and thanks again to the Catalyst Coaching Staff.


Kevin Kouzmanoff

Former MLB Infielder

"I recently just started coaching after 13 seasons playing professionally. Even after all that time and experience, I found myself having a hard time remembering how to teach specific areas of the game. CoachingAid ties everything together and makes it easy for me to find what I'm looking for quickly."

Useful at any level

Mitch Behm

Current 11u Travel Coach

"I love coaching my son's baseball team and we've had some great experiences together at the field over the past couple of years.

I quickly noticed a couple of reoccurring problems though:

  1. When I'd notice a particular mechanic or move that my players were doing didn't look correct, I'd know it wasn't right, but I wasn't sure exactly what the end goal of that mechanic looked like.
  2. I wasn't sure why that mechanic was wrong and why the corrected version was better.
  3. I'd have a hard time demonstrating the difference between the move I knew to be incorrect and the corrected version

Using CoachingAid has addressed all of these concerns and more. This is the best coaching product on the market."



John (J.T.) Putt  

J.T. grew up in Evergreen and attended Mullen High School where he was All-State baseball player. He then played at Central Arizona College. He then signed at UNLV where he played for a year before transferring to play closer to home at Regis University. At Regis he was team captain while also receiving NCBWA All-American, and Academic All-American honors. He graduated Summa Cum Laude and after college, J.T. played professionally in the United States, Australia, and Europe.

 Corey Slinkard

Corey grew up in Evergreen and became a 4-year varsity player at Mullen High School, where he received three all-conference awards and eventually went on to play baseball at the collegiate level in Arizona. He was integral in developing the signature hitting philosophy subscribed to by Catalyst Sports today, the same philosophy that helped Kevin Kouzmanoff reach the Major Leagues.

Scott Payne

Scott grew up in Cheyenne, WY where he led his high school team to 4 consecutive state championships while collecting all-state honors twice and captaining both the football and baseball teams. He then went to Mesa Community College in Arizona where he set the single-season record for fielding percentage by a second baseman and was also an Academic All-American. He then signed with Regis University and finished out his playing career. Scott then coached in Cheyenne for Post 6 and was an assistant for 3 state championship teams.

Since starting the summer program at Catalyst Scott has accumulated an 85-32 record as a head coach. With Payne at the helm, an impressive 20 seniors in three years have moved on to play in college. 

Rob Herrmann 

A 4-year starter at Fredonia State University in NY, Rob was a 4-time All-Conference selection and a 2-time ABCA All-New York Region pick.

After graduating, Rob spent five years playing pro baseball in the US, Australia, and Europe. He was a 2-time all-star in the U.S. and a 3-time all-star in Europe.

As a coach, Rob headed up multiple international high school squads including the 18u Australian Capitol Territory National Team, & the 18u French National Team.

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